Farrington is by Wellington (Nimmerdor x Lucky Boy xx) who has magnificent movement and is living up to the promise shown at his performance test. Wellington was allowed to enter the finals for the title of ‘Best Trotting Riding horse’.These remarkable movements are a characteristic of his line.

Farrington’s dam was sired by Doruto, a very influential producer of dressage horses. Many of his offspring performed splendidly at Grand Prix level such as Ideaal (Sven Rothenberger).

In his performance test in 1991, Farrington scored 8.5, 8 and another 8 for the three basic movements, walk, trot and canter, making him leading stallion of that year. He was described as the best talented dressage stallion. “He has a regular and long-striding walk, a rhythmic and elevated trot, a well-carried canter and moves with great harmony and sufficient roominess,” according to the jury. Because of an unfortunate accident as a four year old, when he broke his leg, he has been unable to compete.

The progeny of Farrington seem to have all the requirements necessary to become top dressage performers. They are very well conformed, with beautiful heads and move with pride, self-carriage and regularity.They include:

$275 per insemination plus $1650 (incl GST) on positive pregnancy test