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DD Dressage facilitates coaching, training and breeding horses. Our aim is to bring each horse to its peak potential, whether as a performance horse, breeding horse or both.

Dirk Dijkstra is a Grand Prix Rider, Level 3 General Instructor, Coach, Coach educator and accessor, Breeder, Trainer and former A level Judge and Warmblood colt classifier. 

DD Dressage has AEA Metallic & AEA Tuschinski currently standing at stud.

Training Philosophy

Dirk Dijkstra

Dirk’s training philosophies have been influenced by those of Alwin Schockmohle Olympic Showjumping Rider and Sjef Janssen, partner and Olympic Gold Medal trainer of Anky van Grunsven. Overall, these philosophies are implemented in our training regimes, and we believe this results in very supple horses with great working attitudes. 

We train not only to competition outlines, but also in stretching and movement. We believe gymnastic exercise is essential for flexibility and that horses that train only in competition outlines are likely to present as stiff and rigid. We prefer a more rounded approach to training, to produce a healthy, athletic, happy and supple horse.

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Dirk now heads up Jolong Park and spends much of his day coaching clients of all levels, from young riders at Interschool level right through to Grand Prix. Dirk is one of the only coaches in Australia who both competes at the highest level as well as coaches. His coaching system parallels the way he rides, based on the Dutch system inspired by Anky and Sjef Van Grunsven, who were his early inspiration. 

Dirk is an incredible coach and amongst his very busy schedule running Jolong Park, riding horses and competing, his students always come first. Dirk is incredibly humble and always helps his students not only with their riding but with their confidence as well. He also assists students with the management of their horse to ensure they reach their very best. He is passionate about his role as coach but believes in keeping things very simple. The journey to Grand Prix is a long one and he believes that students need to understand that patience, discipline, perseverance, dedication and commitment are five of the most important ingredi



AEA Metallic

The legendary AEA Metallic has proven himself to be an inspiration for the dressage sport in Australia as a top class performer and the sire of the most outstanding moving foals ever bred in this country.

AEA Tuschinski

Breathtakingly beautiful will be your first impression of this young imported Dutch stallion. He placed 6th at DWTS 2011 in the 6 year old class. He is now in training with Tor Van den Berg where he is competing medium.


Inspiration stands at 170 cm, a deep rich bay colour with beautiful athletic movement, incredible power and a superior disposition

AEA Dutchman

Dutchman, at the age of 23, is still as vital as ever and has really made his contribution to Australia’s sport horse breeding with many successful offspring competing in all three disciplines all over Australia and overseas.


Flemmingh belonged to the best performers of the 1990 Dutch stallion performance test. He scored three 9s for jumping under the rider.
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