The legendary AEA Metallic has proven himself to be an inspiration for the dressage sport in Australia as a top class performer as well as the sire of the most outstanding moving foals ever bred in this country.
Since his arrival in October 2005 Metallic’s performance has grown from strength to strength and has had his first start at Prix St George at the age of 6 years old.

We are expecting him to do Grand Prix within a year because everything comes so easy to this super-talented stallion. Just look at the pictures of his progeny and you will see that a picture shows a thousand words.

Keep checking the “news” for his latest performances.


After a lengthy search in July 2005, Dirk from AEA Burong came in contact with the trainer of Metallic, via the Hippische Passage Stables. Already an eye catcher in the box, with his beautiful face and elegant body, Dirk was taken by Metallic’s totally relaxed mind when saddled and ridden.

An awesome mover with a powerful, elevated and cadenced trot. He has not only a front leg with that rare knee action, but also an extreme active and powerful hind leg. The canter is just out of this world. So huge and big off the ground and again that wonderful front leg! The walk has a very big over track and again is just super impressive.

Genetically, Metallic has been very much performance bred by Metall who is by the Dutch black pearl in breeding Olympic Ferro, three times team silver winner including at the Sydney Olympics. Metall’s dam is by the legendary G Ramiro who bred not only jumpers but also international dressage horses.
Interesting to note is that in 2005 Metall was represented by 17 offspring in the second round of the Dutch Dressage Championship for young horses, the Pavo Cup.

AEA Metallic’s dam is by Gabor who was approved in 1991 with nines for stable behavior and trainability and eights for temperament and canter. In Gabor’s pedigree we find very famous stallions like Ladykiller, Wiesenklee and ‘Joost’.